Allied Press Limited

Classified Ad Maker

How To

Creating your ad is a simple five step process:

1 - Enter Ad Details
  1. Choose either a special deal or one of our publications to place your ad in. Visit the deals page to find out more about each special deal.
  2. Choose the classification you would like your advert to appear in. We may re-classify your ad if we believe the classification you have chosen is not appropriate for our readers.
  3. Select the dates on which you wish the ad to appear by clicking on them. Only the dates shown in blue are able to be selected. If you wish to unselect a date, click on it a second time.
  4. Finally enter the text you would like to appear in your ad. You must enter some text for the title and body of your ad, the footer section is optional.
2 - Choose Ad Style

Select a style for your ad. The previews shown at this stage are an accurate representation of how your ad will look in the paper. If you decide that you would like to make a change to the text of your ad simply click the back button to return to step 1.

3 - Enter Payment Details

Enter your personal contact details and your credit card details for payment of the ad. This site uses a secure, encrypted connection.

4 - Confirm

Confirm that all the details you have provided are correct. If you need to make any changes click the back button to return to a previous step. Ensure that you have read the Terms and Conditions and click continue to place your booking.

5 - Finished

Print this page to keep as a record of placement of your ad. You will need the booking number if you need to contact us regarding this booking.

For further assistance with using this service please contact the Allied Press Classified Advertising Department, direct dial (03)477-8000.